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Travel Mapping Manual: Maintenance of Highway Data

Highway systems in TM are categorized in one of three groups, depending on its level of completeness and the maintainers' confidence in its accuracy:

Systems in development are not included in user maps and stats, and can be modified as their developes see fit. Preview systems are included in maps and stats, but changes may be made as needed to improve the system as it completes its review. For active systems, care is taken to ensure that changes do not "break" a user's list file. In many cases, however, the changes needed will break user lists. In those situations, changes must be logged in the updates list, which is available on the updates page to help users keep their list files accurate.

Which changes to activated routes are newsworthy (need an updates entry)?


Q: I found a route where most of the labels are correct but are applied to the wrong waypoints. To fix it, I should use many of the same labels but shift them to the correct waypoints. Since that fix will alter but not really break most of the points in use, can I just reenter the whole route and forget about hiding old points?
A: Probably. Mention the problem in this forum so we can make sure that breaking the route is warranted. It might be needed.

Q: I want to add a new system of highways to a region, and I found some changes to make to an activated system in the same region. Since I expect users to update their .list file with the new highways, can I break those activated highways at the same time rather than hiding used points I changed?
A: No. Adding a new highway system shouldn't be an excuse to break routes in another system.

Q: Don't you think you're way too gung-ho about not breaking routes? I'm only making changes one or twice a year that would break only a route or two, so it's not a burden for the users to update their files once in awhile. It should be fine to "unnecessarily" break a small number of routes infrequently.
A; No. There are more than 10 of you sporadically (and sometimes, frequently) making minor changes, and without hiding copies of used waypoints, that adds up to breaking routes every few weeks, sometimes even more often. Users shouldn't have to make frequent changes to 1000-line files every few weeks when the changes don't reflect real changes to highway alignments or real changes to the extent of their travels.

Q: Is there a preference for the order of hidden/visible pairs of same-location waypoints?
A: The visible label should always come first.

Q: Can I delete unused hidden points with a visible companion point?
A: If you have verified that a hidden point isn't in use (we have a log file for that) and that there is a visible point at the same location, then you can delete the unused hidden point. Just make sure you don't accidentally remove a shaping point or a used point or a not-duplicated point.

Q: I made a necessary change that will unavoidably break a route for some users. So would you include "Update your .list file if you've included any part of this route." with the entry on the Updates page?
A: No. That note is implied for most or all entries on that page, so it's not worth mentioning on any individual basis.

Format for reporting newsworthy changes

Please include updates entries when you make changes to the data files. Don't let the changes get lost in the forum or elsewhere!

Updates are included in CSV format, so be sure to include all fields. The last field is the description, and should be in plain English. Keep them concise but just specific enough for someone to understand in the HB since they can't compare with the old route. Examples of common changes are here:

New route:
Pennsylvania I-67: Added route.

Deleted route:
England M1: Deleted route.

Extended route:
Pennsylvania I-99: Extended northward from Exit 52 (PA 350) near Bald Eagle to MusLn (Musser Lane) near Bellefonte.
(mentions intersections at old and new ends)

Truncated route:
Maryland US 15 Business (Emmitsburg): Truncated from the old south end at US 15 to the new end at Main St in Emmitsburg.
(This mentions intersections at old and new ends. As you compose lines like this one, remember that highways can be truncated, but end points cannot.)

Relocated route (in middle of route):
Pennsylvania US 220: Removed from Main Street and 5th Avenue, and relocated onto a new northern Georgetown bypass, between US 23 and PA 70.
(mentions both ends of the new part, that is, the intersections/places where the old and new alignments meet) and both the old and new routes

Relocated route (at end of route):
Pennsylvania US 220: Removed from Main Street and 5th Avenue between 4th Street and 9th Street, and relocated onto a new northern Georgetown bypass between 4th Street and PA 70.
(mentions both the new and old routings as well as the bounding intersections of each)

Changed label or recycled label:
Ontario ON 444: Changed waypoint labels 51 to 52 and 52 to 53.
(mention old and new waypoints for a small number of changes)
New York I-490: Reentered route with corrected waypoint labels.
(if there are too many changes to mention individually)

You can also mention actual waypoints labels where skipping them isn't clear.

Avoid the following in the entries: