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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-02-11IcelandislfIceland Fjallvegirpreview
2018-02-10(UK) EnglandengbGreat Britain B Roads (Southeastern England)preview
2018-02-09(South) KoreakorexKorean Expresswaysactive
2018-01-27(Germany) HamburgdeuhhrHamburg Ringstraßenpreview
2018-01-26(Germany) BrandenburgdeubblBrandenburg Landesstraßenpreview
2018-01-22LithuanialtukLithuania Krašto Keliaiactive
2018-01-05(USA) MontanausamtsMontana Secondary State Highwaysactive
2018-01-05SpainespnSpain Carretera Nacionalesactive
2018-01-05MontenegromnemMontenegro Magistralni Putre-entered
2018-01-05(Spain) Canary IslandsespcnCanary Islands Red Regionalpreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-02-24(USA) MichiganUS 127 Business (Ithaca)mi.us127busithMoved from Center St and Pine River St onto Main St and Emerson St for one block each
2018-02-10(Germany) BavariaMax-Planck-Straße Regensburgdeuby.maxplastrNew Route
2018-02-10(Germany) BavariaOdessa-Ring Regensburgdeuby.oderingNew Route
2018-02-10(USA) OklahomaOK 3Eok.ok003eRemoved from Kickapoo St and McArthur St and relocated onto I-40 and OK 18 between I-40 exit 185 and McArthur St.
2018-02-09(UK) EnglandA3013eng.a3013New Route
2018-02-05(UK) EnglandA131 (Sudbury)eng.a0131sudNew Route
2018-02-04(UK) EnglandA1038eng.a1038Route reentered
2018-02-04(UK) EnglandA161eng.a0161Route removed from Andersen Road, and onto Tom Pudding Road, between the A614 and Andersen Road
2018-02-04(UK) EnglandA2690eng.a2690Route truncated at east end from A2100 to B2092
2018-02-04(UK) EnglandA614eng.a0614Route truncated at north end from former A165 junction at Bessingbury Road to new A165 junction at Bridlington Bay Road
2018-02-04IcelandTH733isl.th733New Route
2018-02-04IcelandTH986isl.th986New Route
2018-02-02(UK) EnglandA5068eng.a5068New Route
2018-02-02(UK) EnglandA5072eng.a5072extended at north end from A583 to A5085
2018-02-02(UK) EnglandA585eng.a0585Route extended at north end from A587 to Church Street
2018-01-28(USA) MontanaI-115mt.i115Route extended at east end from exit 1 to Clark Street
2018-01-27(USA) North CarolinaI-73nc.i073extended over newly opened segment replacing I-73 Future W. Greensboro
2018-01-27(USA) North CarolinaI-73 Future (West Greensboro)(NONE)removed - redesignated as part of I-73
2018-01-24(Canada) SaskatchewanTCH (Yellowhead)sk.tchyelMoved from Old Highway 16 in Clavet (SE of Saskatoon) north to new highway opened in late 2016, between Forreiter Rd. (Range Road 3040) and Lehr Rd.