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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-05-24(Germany) Schleswig-HolsteindeushlSchleswig-Holstein Landesstra├čenpreview
2018-05-03(Denmark) Faroe IslandsfrolvFaroe Islands Landsveguractive
2018-05-03New ZealandnzlshNew Zealand State Highwayspreview
2018-05-01(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltdeustlSaxony-Anhalt Landesstra├čenpreview
2018-04-07BelizeblzdBelize District Routespreview
2018-04-07BelizeblzarBelize National Routespreview
2018-04-03United KingdomgbnbGreat Britain B Roadspreview
2018-04-03(UK) EnglandengbGreat Britain B Roads (Southeastern England)merged
2018-04-03(UK) ScotlandsctbGreat Britain B Roads (Scotland & Northern England)merged
2018-04-03(UK) WaleswlsbGreat Britain B Roads (Wales & Western England)merged

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-05-25Isle of ManA22imn.a022New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA32imn.a032New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA33imn.a033New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA34imn.a034New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA35imn.a035New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA37imn.a037New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA38imn.a038New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA40imn.a040New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA41imn.a041New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA42imn.a042New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA43imn.a043New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA44imn.a044New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA45imn.a045New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA46imn.a046New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA47imn.a047New Route
2018-05-25Isle of ManA8imn.a008New Route
2018-05-24JerseyA12jey.a012Route truncated at north end from B34 to B55/B88
2018-05-24JerseyA6jey.a006Route extended at south end from B84 to B77
2018-05-24JerseyA7jey.a007Route extended at south end from B84 to southern junction with A6
2018-05-24JerseyA8jey.a008Route extended at south end from A14 to B76