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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsespcnCanary Islands Red Regionalactive
2019-09-17(Spain) Community of MadridespmdCommunity of Madrid Red Principalactive
2019-09-10(USA) TexasusatxreTexas Recreation Roadspreview
2019-09-05(Spain) AsturiasespasAsturias Red Regionalactive
2019-09-05(Spain) CantabriaespcbCantabria Red Primariaactive
2019-09-05(Spain) Castile and LeonespclCastile and Leon Red Básicaactive
2019-09-05(Spain) Castilla-La ManchaespcmCastilla-La Mancha Red Básicaactive
2019-09-05(Spain) ExtremaduraespexExtremadura Red Básicaactive
2019-09-05(Spain) Region of MurciaespmcRegion of Murcia Red de Primer Nivelactive
2019-09-02(Spain) AragonesparAragon Red Básicaactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-09-19(USA) FloridaUS 301 Alternate (Starke)fl.us301altstaAdded route.
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsFV1espcn.fv001Route extended at south end from FV102 to Calle Barquillos, and at north end from exit 25 to Paseo Maritime Bristol
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsFV2espcn.fv002Route extended at north end from exit 74 to FV20, and at south end from Calle el Quijote to Morro Ferry
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsGC2espcn.gc002Route extended at west end from GC330 to GC172
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsGC2 (Galdar)espcn.gc002Route merged into main route
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsTF1espcn.tf001Route extended at west end from exit 87 to TF375
2019-09-17(Spain) Canary IslandsTF5espcn.tf005Route extended at east end from Avenida Reyes Catolicos to TF4/11, and at west end from exit 39 to TF82
2019-09-17(Spain) Community of MadridM501espmd.m501Route extended at west end from eastern junction with M855 to border with Castile and Leon
2019-09-17(Spain) Community of MadridMP203 (Autovía de entrada sur a Alcalá)(NONE)Route deleted (now part of M206)
2019-09-15SlovakiaE371svk.e371Route extended at west end from Ulica Safarikova to I68_S
2019-09-15SlovakiaE50svk.e50Route removed from I18, Ulica Safarikova and I20, and relocated onto I68 between I18_ and I20/I80
2019-09-15SlovakiaI20svk.i020Route extended at north end from Kuzmanyho Ulica to I18
2019-09-15SlovakiaI68svk.i068Route truncated at south end from Rusinska Ulica to I18 and extended at south end from I18 to I20/I80
2019-09-12HungaryF651hun.f651New Route
2019-09-11(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 156pa.pa156Realigned in Avonmore to corrected routing along Westmoreland Ave (WesAve_W to WesAve_E).
2019-09-11(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 259pa.pa259Realigned between *FouRd in Bolivar and Front St (FroSt) in Robinson to follow Conemaugh River Bridge built between 2004 and 2008.
2019-09-11(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 56pa.pa056Realigned between *OldPA56_A and *OldPA56_B around Hiner Rd (HinRd) intersection slightly southeast of PA 259. Realigned between *OldPA56_C and *OldPA56_D north of US 22.
2019-09-09(Canada) QuebecTCH (Kirkland Lake)qc.tchkirRelocated in Rouyn-Noranda, from Rue Gamble and parts of Boul. Rideau and Av. Lariviere, north to part of QC 101 and new roadway, between waypoints BoulRid_E and AvLar_W
2019-09-09(USA) TexasTX 188tx.tx188Removed from a partially demolished two-lane roadway and relocated onto a widened, curve-straightened alignment to the south, between closed intersections west and east of FM 630.
2019-09-09HungaryE661hun.e661Route relocated from through Nagyatád and onto bypass