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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-03-23(USA) AlaskausaakAlaska State Highwaysactive
2018-03-11(Germany) SaxonydeusnsSaxony Staatsstra├čenpreview
2018-03-11SlovakiasvkiiSlovakia Cesta II. Triedyactive
2018-03-11SloveniasvnrSlovenia Regionalna Cesteactive
2018-03-10(UK) WaleswlsbGreat Britain B Roads (Wales & Western England)preview
2018-03-03(Canada) SaskatchewancanskSaskatchewan Provincial Highways 1-399preview
2018-02-25(Germany) Lower SaxonydeunilLower Saxony Landesstra├čenpreview
2018-02-11IcelandislfIceland Fjallvegirpreview
2018-02-10(UK) EnglandengbGreat Britain B Roads (Southeastern England)preview
2018-02-09(South) KoreakorexKorean Expresswaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-03-23(USA) WisconsinUS 10 Business (Neillsville)(NONE)Deleted route
2018-03-22(USA) IndianaIN 750in.in750Extended at east end from IN 3 to US 50
2018-03-21(USA) MissouriMO 121mo.mo121Rerouted from entrance of Wallace State Park into park, instead of along MOsHH
2018-03-20(UK) Northern IrelandA45 (Coalisland)nir.a045coaNew Route
2018-03-17(UK) Northern IrelandA510nir.a510New Route
2018-03-17(UK) Northern IrelandA520nir.a520New Route
2018-03-17(UK) Northern IrelandA523nir.a523New Route
2018-03-17(UK) Northern IrelandA99nir.a099New Route
2018-03-17NetherlandsN465nld.n465New Route
2018-03-17NetherlandsN465nld.n222Route removed from Vellingroute (now N465) and onto Verlengde Veilingroute
2018-03-14(UK) EnglandA3088 (Yeovil)eng.a3088yeoNew Route
2018-03-14(UK) EnglandA350 (Poole)eng.a0350pooNew Route
2018-03-11HungaryE66hun.e66Route removed from Varpalota town centre and onto bypass between H7207 and H7204
2018-03-11HungaryF8hun.f008Route removed from Varpalota town centre and onto bypass between H7204 and H7207
2018-03-10(UK) EnglandA4091eng.a4091New Route
2018-03-10(UK) EnglandA456eng.a0456Route truncated at east end from A38 to A4540
2018-03-10(UK) EnglandA457eng.a0457Route truncated at east end from A38 to A4540
2018-03-10(UK) EnglandA5125eng.a5125New Route
2018-03-10(UK) EnglandA5189eng.a5189New Route
2018-03-10(UK) EnglandA5194eng.a5194New Route