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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2017-10-06(Germany) Baden-WürttembergdeubwlBaden-Württemberg Landesstraßenpreview
2017-10-06SpaineursfEurope Select Named Freeways (Spain)re-entered
2017-10-06SpaineureUNECE International 'E' Roads (Spain)re-entered
2017-10-06SpainespnSpain Carretera Nacionalesre-entered
2017-10-06SpainespaSpain Autopista / Autoviare-entered
2017-10-06GermanyeursfEurope Select Named Freeways (Germany)re-entered
2017-10-06GermanyeureUNECE International 'E' Roads (Germany)re-entered
2017-10-06(Germany) HessedeuhelHesse Landesstraßenre-entered
2017-10-06(Germany) BavariadeubystBavaria Staatsstraßenre-entered
2017-10-06GermanydeubGermany Bundesstraßenre-entered

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2017-10-18(Spain) La RiojaA12espri.a012Route extended at east end from exit 94 (formerly exit 8) to Navarre border
2017-10-18(Spain) La RiojaA12 (Lograno)espri.a012Route merged into main route
2017-10-14(UK) EnglandA5024eng.a5024Route extended at north end from B5569 to A556
2017-10-14(UK) EnglandA533eng.a0533Route removed from the Silver Jubilee Bridge and relocated onto the Mersey Gateway between the A558 and A562
2017-10-14(UK) EnglandA558eng.a0558Route extended at west end from A533 to A557
2017-10-13(Spain) AnduluciaH30espan.h030Route extended at north end from Paseo Marina to A49
2017-10-11(Spain) Castille-le-MancheTO21espcm.to021Route extended at east end from southern junction with N403 to A42
2017-10-11(USA) West VirginiaWV 12wv.wv012Corrected ending labels along multiplex with WV 3. Flipped both 'WV3_W' & 'WV3_E' so that they match the correct dirrection WV 3 leaves WV 12 on each side.
2017-10-09(USA) ArkansasUS 82 Business (Magnolia)ar.us082busmagWest end truncated from US 82 to US 371.
2017-10-08(USA) ArkansasUS 62 Business (Salem)ar.us062bussalEast end truncated from US 62 to AR 9.
2017-10-08(USA) ArkansasUS 63 Business (Hardy)ar.us063busharNorth end truncated from US 63 to US 62/412.
2017-10-08(USA) ArkansasUS 65 Business (Harrison)ar.us065busharNorth end removed from Main Street between AR 7 and US 65, and relocated onto AR 7 between Main Street and US 65.
2017-10-08(USA) NevadaI-11nv.i011New route
2017-10-08(USA) NevadaI-11 Future (Henderson)(NONE)Deleted route
2017-10-08(USA) NevadaI-515nv.i515Truncated route to Exit 61 per I-11 designation
2017-10-08AustriaB38aut.b038Removed from route through Zwettl and relocated to Zwettl bypass between L8229 and L8245
2017-10-08AustriaB38aut.b038Removed from route through Freistadt-West (now B38a) and relocated to Freistadt-West bypass
2017-10-08AustriaB38aaut.b038aNew route
2017-10-08CzechiaD3cze.d003Route extended at south end from exit 104 to temporary end at Bošilec
2017-10-08CzechiaD3 (Borek)cze.d003borNew route