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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-03-16AustraliaausaAustralia A Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausabAustralia A Roads (Alt)preview
2019-03-16AustraliaausnAustralia National Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausnbAustralia N Roads (Alt)preview
2019-03-16AustraliaausrAustralia Ring Roadspreview
2019-03-11(Germany) Schleswig-HolsteindeushlSchleswig-Holstein Landesstraßenactive
2019-03-10AustraliaausmAustralia Motorwayspreview
2019-03-10TurkeyturdTurkey Devlet Yollarıpreview
2019-03-04AfricaafrrtrSADC Regional Trunk Roadspreview
2019-02-24UruguayuryrnUruguay Rutas Nacionalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-03-19TurkeyO5 (Balikesir)tur.o005balNew Route (opened between exits 13 and 14))
2019-03-18(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 381pa.pa381Realigned route onto new alignment at intersection with US 40 (between points *OldPA381 and US40). The PA381_S point on US 40 was also marked as closed with PA381_N becoming an alternate label for PA 381.
2019-03-18(USA) West VirginiaWV 115wv.wv115Route extended at the Southern end at the interchange with US 340 to WV 9 near the WV-MD border.
2019-03-18TurkeyO5 (Akhisar branch)tur.o005akhNew Route (O5 Branch to the city of Akhisar)
2019-03-18TurkeyO5 (Anadolu Lisesi)tur.o005anaRoute extended at north end from D565 to O5Akh
2019-03-18TurkeyO6tur.o006Route extended at west end from 5 to 4
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS242 (Leipzig)deusn.s242leiRoute truncated at north end from Meusdorf (old S38) to Güldengossa (old S43, new S38)
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS34deusn.s034Route extended at west end from old S36 (now K7515) to S31
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS36deusn.s036Route relocated from through Leisnig and onto bypass between S31 and Chemnitzer Straße
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS36deusn.s036Route relocated from through Hartha and onto bypass between Leipziger Straße and Hauptstraße Waldheim
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS38deusn.s038Route relocated from through Liebertwolkwitz and onto bypass (former S242/S43)
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS43deusn.s043Route truncated at west end from S242 to S38 east of Großpösna (now S38)
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS44 (Leisnig)deusn.s044Route truncated at east end from south of Leisnig to west of Leisnig (now S36)
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS46deusn.s046Route truncated at east end from S49 to S38/S78
2019-03-16(Germany) SaxonyS78deusn.s078Route extended at south end from former S46 (now K6522) to S38/S46
2019-03-14(UK) EnglandA2691eng.a2691New Route
2019-03-13(USA) West VirginiaWV 98wv.wv098Removed from the former South Chestnut Street Bridge (demolished mid-2000's) in Clarksburg, and rerouted onto the replacement bridge to the south between US19 (US19_N) & Veterans Park (*OldWV98_E).
2019-03-11(USA) DelawareDE 30de.de030Extended to DE 1 BUS (Milford) via Cedar Creek Rd. The point that lined up with DE 1 was relocated to the Wilkins Rd (WilRd) intersection with DE1 as an alternate label.
2019-03-11(USA) DelawarePuncheon Run Connectorde.punrunconRoute added (connects US 13 to DE 1(Exit 97) in Dover)
2019-03-11(USA) New YorkNY 163ny.ny163North end truncated from NY 5S to NY 80.