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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-07-14RussiarusaRussia Access Roadspreview
2018-07-09TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadsactive
2018-06-26TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadspreview
2018-06-15(USA) New YorkusanypNew York Parkwayspreview
2018-06-15(USA) ArkansasusaarArkansas State Highwayspreview
2018-05-27Isle of ManimnbIsle of Man B Roadspreview
2018-05-27JerseyjeybJersey B Roadspreview
2018-05-24(Germany) Schleswig-HolsteindeushlSchleswig-Holstein Landesstraßenpreview
2018-05-03(Denmark) Faroe IslandsfrolvFaroe Islands Landsveguractive
2018-05-03New ZealandnzlshNew Zealand State Highwayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-07-09(UK) ScotlandA90 (Dyce spur)sct.a0090dycNew Route
2018-07-09(USA) MontanaSR323mt.mt323Route renumbered MT323
2018-07-09FranceA64fra.a064Route extended
2018-07-09FranceA64 (Bayonne)fra.a064Route merged into main section
2018-07-09FranceD1 (Voie Express La Pyrénéenne)fra.a064Route deleted (merged into A64)
2018-07-09TajikistanA372(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-09TajikistanA376(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-09TajikistanA377(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-09TajikistanA384(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-09TajikistanA385(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-09TajikistanM34(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-09TajikistanM41(NONE)Deleted Route
2018-07-06(USA) IndianaUS 33in.us033Relocated in Goshen from Madison St and Main St onto the new Lincolnway East downtown bypass between Madison St & Main St
2018-06-30(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaA44 (Aachen)deunw.a044aacRoute extended at north end from exit 10 to exit 13
2018-06-30(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaA44 (Hackhausen)(NONE)Route merged into A44 (Aachen)
2018-06-30(Germany) SaxonyA72deusn.a072Route extended at north end from temporary junction with B93/B176 to exit 26
2018-06-30BelgiumA8bel.a008Route extended at east end from exit 22 to R0
2018-06-30NetherlandsN35nld.n035Route removed from through Wijthmen and onto bypass between Zwolle and Heino
2018-06-30NetherlandsN35nld.n757Route extended at south end from old N35 in Wijthmen to bypass junction south of Wijthmen
2018-06-30NetherlandsN420nld.n420New Route