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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-09-03Polandpoldw7Poland Droga Wojewódzka 700-799preview
2018-08-27(Germany) ThuringiadeuthlThuringia Landesstraßenpreview
2018-08-25Polandpoldw2Poland Droga Wojewódzka 200-299preview
2018-08-15(Canada) ManitobacanmbpManitoba Provincial Roadspreview
2018-07-22(USA) LouisianausalaLouisiana State Highwayspreview
2018-07-14RussiarusaRussia Access Roadspreview
2018-07-09TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadsactive
2018-06-26TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadspreview
2018-06-15(USA) New YorkusanypNew York Parkwayspreview
2018-06-15(USA) ArkansasusaarArkansas State Highwayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-09-16(USA) WyomingWY130wy.wy130Route removed from Clark Street and relocated onto Snowy Range Road between Clark Street and I-80 Business Loop
2018-09-16(USA) WyomingWY230wy.wy230Route removed from Clark Street and relocated onto Snowy Range Road between Clark Street and I-80 Business Loop
2018-09-15(USA) IllinoisI-294il.i294Relabeled 7->8 and 8->9
2018-09-15(USA) North CarolinaAll American Freewaync.allamefwyRoute Added
2018-09-15(USA) North CarolinaI-73nc.i073Extended to future Rockingham Bypass
2018-09-15(USA) North CarolinaI-74 High Pointnc.i074higExtended to future Rockingham Bypass
2018-09-14(USA) GeorgiaUS 1ga.us001Removed from Harrington St in Oak Park and relocated to new bypass on the south side of Oak Park, waypoint GA86_E renamed as ChiLn
2018-09-13(Mexico) Estado de MexicoMEX 15Dmexemex.mex015dEast end extended from MEX 55 to MEX 40D.
2018-09-12(UK) ScotlandA7071sct.a7071New Route
2018-09-12(USA) West VirginiaOH 833wv.oh833Added route
2018-09-12PolandDK7 (Brzegi)pol.dk007brzNew Route
2018-09-12PolandDK7 (Checiny)pol.dk007cheRoute truncated at south end from western DK78 junction to DW763
2018-09-12PolandE77pol.e77Route removed from former DK7 and relocated onto S7 between DW763 and Brzegi
2018-09-12PolandS7 (Tokarnia)pol.s007tokNew Route
2018-09-12SerbiaA1 (Presevo)srb.a001preRoute extended at north end from the R258 south of Bujanovac to the B44 south of Vladicin Han
2018-09-12SerbiaA1 (Vranje)srb.a001preRoute merged into Presevo section
2018-09-12SerbiaE75srb.e75Route removed off R258 and relocated onto A1 between A1 exits 59 and 61
2018-09-10(USA) IllinoisIL 50il.il050Moved IL83_N to 127th Street (old point now CalSagRd)
2018-09-10(USA) IllinoisIL 83il.i083Removed from Cal Sag Road between 127th Street and IL 50 and moved onto 127th Street and IL 50
2018-09-09(USA) KentuckyI-69 Future (Mayfield, KY)ky.i069futTruncated at north end to Exit 21