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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2020-07-15(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad38Isère Routes Départementalespreview
2020-07-07SwitzerlandchegtsSwitzerland Grand Tour of Switzerlandactive
2020-06-28(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd95Val-d'Oise Routes Départementalesactive
2020-06-26(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad63Puy-de-Dôme Routes Départementalespreview
2020-06-25FinlandfinstFinland Seututietactive
2020-06-25IndonesiaidntIndonesia Jalan Tol (numbered)active
2020-06-25IndonesiaidnjtIndonesia Jalan Tol (named)deleted
2020-06-16ChilechlrnChile Rutas Nacionalespreview
2020-06-16ChilechlsfChile Select Freewayspreview
2020-06-07LatvialvapLatvia Reģionālie Autoceļiactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2020-07-26(USA) NevadaNV 173nv.nv173Added route (part of former US 95 in Boulder City)
2020-07-26(USA) NevadaNV 578nv.nv578Added route in downtown Las Vegas
2020-07-26(USA) NevadaNV 589(NONE)Deleted decommissioned route
2020-07-26(USA) NevadaNV 596nv.nv596Truncated south end of route, from Tropicana Avenue to Sahara Avenue (former NV 589)
2020-07-26(USA) NevadaNV 604nv.nv604Truncated south end of route, from Tonopah Avenue to Carey Avenue
2020-07-25(USA) North CarolinaI-74 Future (Whiteville)nc.i074futwhiroute extended both directions - west to NC 242 and east to Hallsboro Rd
2020-07-23HungaryM4 (Cegléd)hun.m004cegRoute extended at east end from interchange west of F401 (Abony-West) to H3122 (Abony-Center)
2020-07-20HungaryM25hun.m025Route extended at south end from exit 15 to M3
2020-07-19(USA) KentuckyKY 2827ky.ky2827Route added
2020-07-19SlovakiaD4 (Rovinka)svk.d004rovRoute added
2020-07-19SlovakiaE575svk.e575Route removed from I/63 and relocated on D4 and R7 between D4/I63 and R7/I63
2020-07-19SlovakiaR7svk.r007Route added
2020-07-17(Germany) BavariaSt2094deuby.b304Route relocated from through Obing and onto new bypass from Rumersham to St2094 east of Obing
2020-07-17(Germany) BavariaSt2094deuby.st2094Route extended at north end from Altenmarkter Straße to new B304 Obing bypass
2020-07-17(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaL586 (Delbrück)deunw.l586delRoute truncated at west end from B55 to L782
2020-07-17(USA) KentuckyKY 1739ky.ky1739Route added
2020-07-17(USA) KentuckyKY 2354ky.ky2354Route added
2020-07-17NorwayE6nor.e6Route relocated from through Soknedal and onto new bypass (Soknedalstunnelen) from Fv6572 to Fv6573
2020-07-15PolandDK17 (Rudka)pol.dk017rudRoute truncated at south end from DK50 to exit 2
2020-07-15PolandS17pol.s017Route extended at north end from DK50 to exit 2