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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2022-07-15MontenegromneaMontenegro Autoputactive
2022-07-05BelizeblzarBelize National Routesactive
2022-07-05BelizeblzdBelize District Routesactive
2022-07-01(Australia) QueenslandausqldQueensland State Higwaysactive
2022-07-01(France) GuadaloupeglpdGuadaloupe Routes Départementalesactive
2022-07-01(France) MayottemytdMayotte Routes Départementalesactive
2022-07-01(France) ReunionreudReunion Routes Départementalesactive
2022-07-01(UK) Northern IrelandnirtrNorthern Ireland Tourist Routesactive
2022-07-01MauritiusmusmMauritius Motorwaysactive
2022-07-01MauritiusmusaMauritius Primary Main Roadsactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2022-07-17(USA) ArkansasUS 63 Business (Pine Bluff)ar.ar463pinRenamed AR 463 (Pine Bluff).
2022-07-17(USA) TexasUS 57tx.us057South end truncated from Mexican border to TX Spur 240.
2022-07-17BelgiumN949bel.n949Route relocated from through Leignon (Bayaux) and onto western bypass
2022-07-15MontenegroA1mne.a001Route added
2022-07-15New ZealandSH1nzl.sh001Route removed from SH1C through Hamilton and relocated onto Waikato Expressway between northern and southern SH1C junctions
2022-07-15New ZealandSH1Cnzl.sh001cRoute added
2022-07-15New ZealandSH26nzl.sh026Route removed from Morrisville Road and relocated onto Ruakura Road between old/new SH1 junctions and Morrisville Road/Ruakura Road junction
2022-07-15PolandDK7 (Mlawa)pol.s007elbRoute deleted (merged into S7)
2022-07-15PolandS7 (Elbag)pol.s007elbRoute extended at south end from exit 39 to DK7_S
2022-07-15PolandS7 (Mlawa)pol.s007elbRoute deleted (merged into Elbag section)
2022-07-14(UK) Northern IrelandA2 (Derry (loop)nir.a002derRoute added
2022-07-14(UK) Northern IrelandA5nir.a005Route truncated at north end from A40 to A2
2022-07-14IrelandN22 (Cork)irl.n022corRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandN8 (Cork)irl.n008corRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandR105 (Dublin)irl.r105dubRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandR132 (Dublin)irl.r132dubRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandR135 (Dublin)irl.r135dubRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandR138 (Dublin)irl.r138dubRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandR148 (Dublin)irl.r148dubRoute added
2022-07-14IrelandR150irl.r150Route removed from L5632 and R151 and relocated onto Tara Street between L5632 and southern junction with R151